Subjective Time Perception Analyzer

How different colors and light polarization influence on time perception? The software was written for the Advanced Concepts Team (European Space Agency, ESTEC) experiment on subjective time perception.


This software is open source (released under MIT license) and you can use it for your experiments! I would appreciate Pull Requests and any other contribution.

Running the experiment while connected to the internet

This is the typical use of the software.

  1. Run experiment at

  2. Results will be uploaded after each experiment.

Running the experiment without access to the internet

Offline use is handy for example during analog simulations with time delay or at public events.

  1. Download

  2. Open with your browser (double click) index.html file and run the experiment.

  3. When you connect machine to the internet, refresh page and your results will be uploaded.

  4. If your computer cannot be connected to the internet:

    1. Download

    2. Open with your browser (double click) cache.html file.

    3. Save all this text as a txt (in Notepad, Word or whatever else) file to USB Pendrive.

    4. From the other computer send the results via email:

How to see results?

  1. Go to Administrator Panel

  2. Superuser account is created during instlation of the software please refer to the docs/installation.rst:


Development - CI/CD




Matt Harasymczuk